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Archive: December, 2011

Graphic Design Firm

“ A graphic design firm, also known as a graphic design agency or graphic design company, designs and produces various marketing materials and deliverables, including web sites, sales collateral, large-format graphics for trade shows, poster design, sign design, illustration, direct mail design, graphic design for videos and television spots, and for graphic animations.   See [...]

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Plan Metrics and Measurement

“ Plan Metrics and Measurement involves the measurement and reporting of the success and failure of the Marketing Initiatives completed or being completed. These measurements are necessary for the adapting of the plan in order to maximize marketing impact, efficiency and budget allocation.   See also: marketing planning; marketing communications; integrated marketing communication; creative communications; [...]

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Creative Execution

“ Creative Execution entails the actual development and execution of all marketing activities proposed in the Marketing Initiatives section. Typically, this will include company logo and company identity and corporate documents, advertising, brochure design and sales collateral production, sell sheet design, corporate video production or training video production, Web site design, Web site development, web [...]

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Marketing Investment

“ The Marketing Investment, or budget, should provide the client an accurate, itemized cost analysis that can be used to determine the allocation and timing of funding for the approved plan.    ”

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Marketing Initiatives

Marketing Initiatives are the proposed activities that align with the client’s business objectives and address the motivations listed in the prior section. Marketing communications initiatives should always be approached in an integrated manner, leveraging any communication possible from other initiatives to maximize the total impact of the marketing communications plan.

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Marketing Situation Analysis

“ The Marketing Situation Analysis requires significant investigation of the organization’s products and services in relations to the current market, sales viability and opportunities to market company products or services, competitive considerations, success and failure of past marketing efforts, SWOT analysis, key resources available, etc. This investigation will require significant research, including utilizing interviews from key [...]

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Marketing Communication Planning

The act of developing a marketing communication plan. Developing a Marketing Communication Plan is critical to achieving marketing objectives, sales goals, growth and building customer loyalty by executing communication initiatives that align with your organizations’ business objectives. The marketing communication plan should include at least the following chapters: Marketing Situation Analysis; Marketing Motivations; Marketing Initiatives; [...]

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Logo design by Danskin Creative Communications

Danskin Creative Communication approaches your company logo design with care, efficiency and experience. We take the approach that the logo should capture an identity that the client or consumer has, or will have toward the company and its products or services in order for the company to succeed in the marketplace. Many new companies make [...]

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