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Don’t Smother Your Brand Strategy With Corporate Standards

“ Many marketing leaders have taken up a defensive position, naturally, against the growing siren songs of the new medium. And, it’s good to tread carefully, because you can lose control of how your brand is being bounced around in cyberspace. In reaction, and even preemtion, many Marketing Directors reach for their corporate standards manual [...]

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Positioning Yourself As CMO

“ If you’re the CMO for your organization – whether you have that actual title or not – if you are the highest ranking marketing officer, you should be plugged into any executive leadership team meetings. If you are not, you may just be facing one of your toughest positioning battles, to date.I’ve seen Billion-dollar corporations [...]

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Love your brand for what it is, not what you want it to be

” We love our brands. So much sometimes we can actually squeeze them too hard, or push them too far. I’m not saying we shouldn’t love our brands. Our brands should be considered in every marketing activity that we pursue…and the very reason we don’t pursue others. The fact is, our brands are as good [...]

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Position your product as category leader

” So you have a new product or service and you are diligently researching to find out who is your competition and how are they marketing themselves. Stop! Don’t go a step further until you undergo this little visual exercise: Try to place yourself in 1945 in the cold waters off Normandie, France. The Germans [...]

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When it comes to politics, PR blunders usually expose the truth

“ Behind the slick, tightly-rehearsed speeches and timely appearances with their friendly talk show hosts, the candidates’ hide their true colors. Well, until they don’t. And seldom does the revelation frighten us. On Sunday, February 3, 2008 on ABC’s “”This Week with George Stephanopoulos,”” Clinton responded to the host’s prodding for clarification of a previous [...]

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