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Advertising and Marketing Geographic Service Area

“ Danskin Creative Communication, Inc. , headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, provides marketing, advertising, Web design, graphic design, video production, public relations, copywriting and consulting services to B-To-B and Consumer clients throughout the Atlanta Metro area, the Southeastern United States, and even nationally.Recently, Danskin has provided services to companies in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, [...]

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The Human Nature of Consumer CRM

“ The Web has certainly revolutionized how consumers shop. It has enabled an entirely deeper CRM capability and speed in delivering messages, special offers, transaction data, etc. In fact, marketers have prophesied that the next step in CRM is near total abandonment of traditional consumer advertising, both print and broadcast, and almost total adoption of [...]

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Corporate Culture Marketing Defined

“ Corporate Culture Marketing is the term Danskin Creative Communication has given to a new category or strategic process for differentiating a company or organization in a marketplace full of corporate distrust. Corporate Culture Marketing combines corporate public relations, advertising, internet marketing, community relations, public accountability and professional speaking to build visibility and trust with potential partners and overcome barriers [...]

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Is Print Advertising A Dying Art?

“ I’m in the advertising business. At least that’s what they’re still calling it. Significant blocks of time transpire, however, where nothing resembling advertising passes through my company’s job queue, or past my desk. I check again just to be sure. Yep, Web site designs, optimized web site re-write, corporate identity package, radio spots (there’s [...]

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Don’t Damage Your Brand With The Next Cheesy Cable Ad

“ We’ve all seen, and laughed at, the cheesy cable ads. From the low-quality video production, the ugly flashing headlines, the silly scripts, the ridiculous acting…they’ve been entertaining us for years. And, they’ve raised the question “”What were they thinking?”” What is so hard to understand, is that the very advertisers who continue to spend [...]

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How Do Clients Influence Creative Execution? (Part II)

“                                                                           Click here to read Part I.If your creative partners, whether an ad agency or graphic design firm, have approached your marketing communication plan, advertising strategy, or other related project with due diligence, and you as a client have fulfilled your role in the process (see Part I), then when you get to the creative [...]

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How Do Clients Influence Creative Execution? (Part I)

“ We’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the best clients we could ever imagine. And I’m not just kissing up. Sometimes you have to remind yourself of that, because there is a reason that includes, but goes beyond, meshing of personalities and mutual respect (or tolerance on the part of my contacts). [...]

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Danskin Creative Links

“ SEE OUR WORK! Jim Huling – Motivational Author, Keynote SpeakerIncredible Intellectual Property Site – Research, Licensing, Networking for IP staubleadership.comMatrixResources.comHalcolighting.comgaryknight.comjuanellteague.comPreferred Vendor in the Georgia Web Design Services Directory at Marketingtool.com.Business For Sale Listings http://www.interactivewebsites.comwww.webdesigners-directory.comhttp://videographer.freelancedesigners.comhttp://www.topdesignfirms.com/directory/georgia/norcross/ Page’>http://www.prchecker.info””>Page Rank ToolPage Rank Checker is a completely free tool to check the Page Rank value of your web site [...]

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Discover Your B-to-B Brand Identity

As the chief marketing communication officer in your organization, we challenge you to take an important and not-as-difficult-as-it-seems step in your day-to-day management of communications and sales support activities. It’s time to find out what is your brand identity. We will warn you that facing this challenge may change how that day-to-day communication takes place. [...]

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Professional Logo Design

“ Professional Logo Design is the act of applying a visual description to the name of a company, product, or service through the creation of a drawing, illustration and/or style of type with the purpose of differentiating that company from others in the marketplace.   See also: logo design; graphic design logo; business logo design; [...]

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