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A simple answer to the most important brand positioning question

“ When determining your brand position, you should first ask yourself or your marketing director “Why should we position our brand, product, or service in direct competition with other more established companies?” If you examine this question, you might determine that the answer lies within the question. By the way, the answer is “We (you) [...]

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No budget to waste

“ As our marketing communication firm attracts new prospects and clients who have new products or services, or ones that haven’t been publicized properly in the marketplace, a common ironic theme is repeated: “I have no budget.” After further prying, it is determined that they once had a budget, but they feel it was squandered [...]

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Gain Competitive Advantage Through Corporate Culture Marketing

“ If your organization invests a great deal of resources toward communicating programs and successes that build good will with customers, employees and/or the community, that’s good. But, imagine if that investment could give you long-term advantage over your competition. Now, that’s great.   Corporate Culture Marketing is the term Danskin Creative Communication has given to [...]

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Parity Busters

“ In reality, your company’s products and/or services are very likely perceived by the marketplace as a commodity. In many cases where you’ve won market share, it is likely due to the fact that your account managers were better networked or better liked, were more persistent, or your main competitors simply blew the account, handing [...]

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Don’t Overlook Proven B-to-B Media

“ While the deer hunter, with binoculars fixed to his brow, anxiously scanned the horizon two hundred yards away, a beautiful five-pointer buck passed forty feet to his right then turned back into the woods, undetected. We are solidly implanted in the age of information, constantly scanning the distant horizon for the edge that will [...]

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How to Achieve Marketing Success for a New Business

“ Most things, such as life itself, become more and more complicated as time goes by. Unfortunately for new business owners, that is not the case.   To start a new business successfully, today, one must consider the need for publicity, an online presence, direct marketing, advertising, brand identity, word of mouth advertising, networking, viral [...]

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Private Christian School Goes Public With New Web Site

“ Landmark Christian School of Peachtree Corners, located in Norcross, Georgia, like many private and public schools, relies on donations of time and resources in order to function effectively. The school is the recent beneficiary of some much-needed Web site design and renovation, which was provided by Danskin Creative Communication, a Norcross graphic design and [...]

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Marketing Your Way To Corporate Culture Excellence

“ The turbulence that welcomed in the new millennium caused tangible paradigm shifts in corporate America with relation to security, economics and ethics. And while many companies were purging thousands of employees in order to balance their books in an instantly depressed economy, others were being exposed for other, more egregious acts of greed, dishonesty [...]

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Right-Handed Sales, Left-Handed Marketing

“ When Sales & Marketing Communicate Effectively, They Will Succeed. Never has a marriage between two groups in an organization been more important than that between Sales and Marketing. It is a match made in heaven. Isn’t it? On one hand you have the sales group that is given the responsibility of building direct and indirect customer [...]

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Danskin Offers Interactive DVD

“ Atlanta, Georgia – Danskin Creative Communication, Inc. introduces new interactive DVD production services for companies in Atlanta, Norcross, Alpharetta, and in neighboring states, such as Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.   The addition of DVD production services add to Danskin’s ability to meet the needs of clients who would like to deliver [...]

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