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How to Achieve Marketing Success for a New Business

Most things, such as life itself, become more and more complicated as time goes by. Unfortunately for new business owners, that is not the case.


To start a new business successfully, today, one must consider the need for publicity, an online presence, direct marketing, advertising, brand identity, word of mouth advertising, networking, viral marketing, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, positioning, market segmentation, html email campaigns, experiential marketing, etc.  Many of these activities are phase I functions that need to be considered and begun from day one.


It is much to think about, along with all the other mission-critical decisions to be made when you are launching a business, a product or a service. That’s why it’s good to have help with all these activities. It’s why it’s most efficient to have one marketing partner who has a working knowledge of integrated marketing communications, marketing communication plan development and execution.


Here are some other considerations that will help you succeed with marketing in the early stages of your company’s development:


  1. Your marketing plan should be broken into stages. Every marketing activity should be weighted by how well it addresses business objectives, then by investment and how fast it delivers return on investment. Also, the chronology is important. For example, it would be ineffective to run an html email campaign before developing and launching your web site.

  2. Time will be in short supply early on. Working with one marketing firm will help to streamline communication, reporting and execution.

  3. Start with publicity. If you are able to achieve some quality article placements in key media, you will be able to use that publicity in coming months/years and in other marketing vehicles to build brand awareness and credibility.

  4. Set reasonable expectations for response and return on specific marketing activities. Remember that your company is an unknown entity to your marketplace until you are able to begin building brand awareness and identity. This will take time. Don’t change course from a marketing plan that isn’t broken, simply because you’re growing impatient in other aspects of your business.

  5. Be realistic about your budget. As a startup business, you might or might not be able to invest in simultaneous, integrated initiatives. Likewise, if your budget needs to be amended, let your marketing team know. They will adjust the plan and schedule to meet that new reality.


In conclusion, I’d like to suggest that you be engaged with the marketing process. The marketing team is going to rely on you for your passion and knowledge of your product, service and company. Together, you can enjoy many marketing successes.

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