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Private Christian School Goes Public With New Web Site

Landmark Christian School of Peachtree Corners, located in Norcross, Georgia, like many private and public schools, relies on donations of time and resources in order to function effectively. The school is the recent beneficiary of some much-needed Web site design and renovation, which was provided by Danskin Creative Communication, a Norcross graphic design and marketing firm.


“We refused to approach the project as a non-profit endeavor,” said Mick Danskin, principal of the firm. “Instead, we approached Landmark as a client, and audited the existing Web site first, developing a list of communication objectives that must be achieved.”


Once the strategy and concept was developed, Danskin proceeded to design the new site, and even arranged two days to scout and photograph students and teachers for use on the Web site. Danskin also contacted a local Web hosting firm, MaximTech, who offered to provide the server for the Web site free of charge. Finally, Danskin wrote and edited content, as needed.

The Landmark Web site prior to the renovation:


“One of our communication objectives was to encourage refreshed content. We structured the site so that almost any content could be easily updated, added or removed by anyone with an administrative user name and password. Not only does this feature add convenience without cost, it ensures that content can be updated regularly, which will help with Landmark’s position in search engine results,” Danskin remarked.

You can review the new Web site at

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