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Marketing Your Way To Corporate Culture Excellence

The turbulence that welcomed in the new millennium caused tangible paradigm shifts in corporate America with relation to security, economics and ethics. And while many companies were purging thousands of employees in order to balance their books in an instantly depressed economy, others were being exposed for other, more egregious acts of greed, dishonesty and criminality. This was a dark time for corporate America.


But, with all tragedy and chaos comes renewal, and even opportunity. Corporations who are brave, willing and able-minded to lead from the ashes can take up a prized position in the ranks of the trustworthy, and benefit from the spoils, counted in new revenue.


Where do you start?

If your company is really good at what they do already, then it will be a relatively simple process. If you have a not-so-glowing reputation in your industry (you know who you are), then the journey will take a bit more effort and time – look at it this way, you have even more to gain. I strongly encourage you to work extra hard to clean up that reputation. No time is better than the present. Furthermore, the marketing initiatives related to corporate culture marketing can be initiated as soon as you begin that process.


Areas of Focus

The first step is to document your current position. Hopefully, you’ve already completed this step. This entails identifying your baseline in several areas of excellence, such as:

  1. delivery of goods and services
  2. quality ratings
  3. accuracy of orders or services
  4. customer service ratings
  5. employee satisfaction
  6. institutional values (i.e., excellence, quality, integrity, honesty, corporate citizenship, etc.)


Then, identify external recognitions of your company for similar measures of excellence. This includes awards, nominations for awards, and individual awards (usually C-level recognition). Also, make a list of all charitable work that is sponsored by your organization, then a list of charitable activities in which you’re interested.

Gap Analysis

We also recommend that you conduct a gap analysis related to these 6 areas of focus. This is done by surveying a mix of key managers (see E and F below) with questions such as “How do customers perceive our ability to deliver goods/services” on a 1-10 scale, or very poor to excellent. Then, simply survey the target customers directly (anonymously) on the same questions. For “E,” you’ll want to survey all employees and collect their response by business unit, division or group. For “F,” you’ll want to get internal and external surveys, including employees, partners, vendors, and customers. Insert the data into graphs that will allow you to see where significant gaps exist. The information this exercise presents is priceless, and should stimulate initiatives to rectify the situation…fill the gaps.


Once you’ve completed these tasks, you will have sufficient information on which to establish, then grow, an “excellence” program.  


Our next article, entitled “Marketing a Corporate Culture” will outline the steps involved in building your Corporate Culture Marketing Program.


If you are interested in initiative a CCM program immediately, please contact us at Danskin Creative Communication.

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