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Corporate Culture Marketing Defined

Corporate Culture Marketing is the term Danskin Creative Communication has given to a new category or strategic process for differentiating a company or organization in a marketplace full of corporate distrust. Corporate Culture Marketing combines corporate public relations, advertising, internet marketing, community relations, public accountability and professional speaking to build visibility and trust with potential partners and overcome barriers to entering new product or service markets.

In contrast to traditional public relations or corporate publicity initiatives, Corporate Culture Marketing utilizes a broader mix of activity, and integrated marketing communication that includes public relations, corporate communication, advertising, video production and video streaming, brand identity, graphic design, copywriting, direct mail, internet marketing, html email campaigns, podcasts, webcasts, article submission programs, and literature, etc.

To find out how your company or organization can differentiate and position itself ahead of the competition, please contact Eileen Ross at eileen@danskincreative.com . To see examples of our work, click here.

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