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Danskin Creative Communications

Logo design by Danskin Creative Communications

Danskin Creative Communication approaches your company logo design with care, efficiency and experience. We take the approach that the logo should capture an identity that the client or consumer has, or will have toward the company and its products or services in order for the company to succeed in the marketplace.

Many new companies make the mistake of hiring freelance graphic designers with little or no strategic marketing background in order to save money. Although many talented graphic designers will accept, gladly, your logo design project, success will only be achieved if that logo meets your strategic needs.

If they miss the mark, and you might not know that for months, you’ll be back to square one with the prospect of spending more money on redesign. In this instance, don’t repeat the error.

Here are some examples of well-designed logos:

ExecuCare Addiction Recovery Center - drug and alcohol treatment center, utilizing amino acids administered intravenously during a 10-day outpatient program (notice the # of drops in the logo)

Staub Leadership Solutions - Leadership and teamwork training and consulting

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