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Gain Competitive Advantage Through Corporate Culture Marketing

If your organization invests a great deal of resources toward communicating programs and successes that build good will with customers, employees and/or the community, that’s good. But, imagine if that investment could give you long-term advantage over your competition. Now, that’s great.


Corporate Culture Marketing is the term Danskin Creative Communication has given to a new category or strategic process for differentiating a company or organization in a marketplace full of corporate distrust and employee apathy. Corporate Culture Marketing integrates corporate public relations, advertising, internet marketing, community relations, employee relations, public accountability and professional speaking to build visibility and trust with potential partners in order to overcome barriers to entering new product or service markets.


Simply put, Corporate Culture Marketing allows organization to win new business, regardless of where in the sales cycle you are with that prospect. However, the benefits of implementing a CCM program are dynamic, multi-layered, immediate and long-term. I don’t have space, here, to list them all. In fact, you will uncover many more as your program is customized to meet the needs and opportunities in your business.


How do you know your organization can benefit from CCM? Simply answer these questions:


  1. Do you lament the long sales cycle in your business?
  2. Have you developed a less-than-pristine reputation with customers or employees?
  3. Do those working on RFP responses struggle to develop relevant and significant answers to questions?
  4. Is employee morale lower than you’d like?
  5. Are you unclear about the values that your company promotes? Do your customers, employees and other stakeholders perceive that the company is out of alignment with those values? (see gap analysis description)
  6. Are you rarely aware of how well your group and the company is meeting its objectives?
  7. Are your prospects and customers in the dark about your company’s ongoing performance?
  8. Has it been a while since glowing publicity about your organization was published by periodicals or in broadcast media?




If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then your organization could benefit from a CCM program.


In contrast to traditional public relations or corporate publicity initiatives, Corporate Culture Marketing can utilize a broader mix of activity, and integrated marketing communication that includes public relations, internal communication and employee recognition programs, advertising, video production and video streaming, brand identity, graphic design, copywriting, direct mail, internet marketing, html email campaigns, podcasts, webcasts, article submission programs, and literature, etc.


The benefits are as diverse as the mix of promotional tools. They can include:


  1. Improved employee morale.
  2. Sharper focus on meeting important business objectives and goals.
  3. Heightened integrity through accountability measures.
  4. Better measurements for success or failure.
  5. Improved communication with employees.
  6. Gain direct access to decision-makers at prospect companies.
  7. Brand identity is refined and strengthened.
  8. Increased awareness of company’s products/services in the marketplace.
  9. Employee retention.
  10. Improved employee recruitment.
  11. Stronger new business development and RFP response.
  12. Increased recognition and awards.
  13. Build visibility of key executives.


The list of benefits continues.  I can’t think of an initiative within CCM that can’t be used to improve another initiative. In this sense, the value of every initiative is multiplied. This fact makes Corporate Culture Marketing a marketing opportunity that you should pursue, immediately.


If you would like us to conduct a CCM audit of your organization and assist in building your CCM plan, please feel free to contact us at Danskin Creative, Inc.


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