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Parity Busters

In reality, your company’s products and/or services are very likely perceived by the marketplace as a commodity. In many cases where you’ve won market share, it is likely due to the fact that your account managers were better networked or better liked, were more persistent, or your main competitors simply blew the account, handing you the business. Unfortunately, these scenarios are the exception. The rule is that it can take some dumb luck, and a great deal of time, too.


Everything today seems to be moving faster. And that means that even when you develop new products or services, competition is responding more quickly. So, how do you differentiate in this environment of parity? Below are some initiatives in which companies can invest to differentiate their product/service from their competitors, improve their positioning and steal market share by capitalizing on real and perceived strategic, tactical, and cultural advantage.


The Parity Busters

  1. Corporate Culture Marketing – Developing and communicating a program of measurable value-based initiatives that project your organization above the competition (read more).
  2. Leadership Excellence – By developing your leadership team and teamwork, you will gain strategic and tactical advantage by streamlining the decision-making process, which improves responsiveness to market opportunities and broadens competitive advantage (read more).
  3. FLOT line Marketing – The Forward Line of Own Troops in marketing is where your focus should be in order to make headway against your competition. The objective is to give your account team an upper hand through superior marketing initiatives that will provide the greatest visibility and exposure possible to your account managers, products, services and messaging. It is critical to consider the most effective mix of both technology marketing initiatives and traditional approaches, i.e. podcasting/association events.


Take advantage of both real strategic and tactical advantage and the building of perceptions which will differentiate your organization in the marketplace in which it competes. For more information on how to develop these opportunities within your organization, contact Danskin Creative Communication.

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